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Making Workforce Mobility Simple

The world is changing faster than ever. With travel growing cheaper by the day and the internet tying us together, we’re seeing a transition to a hyper-mobile global economy. We’re creating solutions to help businesses thrive in this changing environment.

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Dedicated To You

Account Management

Whether you rent one or one hundred units, your dedicated account manager learns about your business and creates a solution perfect for you.

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When You Need Us

24/7 Customer Service

You can call us and connect directly with a human at any time. No annoying bots!

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Intuitive Technology

Comprehensive Management Tools

ECH’s Online Management Software makes managing all of your corporate housing functions simple.

Workforce Mobility
for Relocation Companies

Workforce Mobility
for Relocation Companies

We support relocation firms by providing custom, managed furnished housing solutions for your clients during the relocation process. This helps you focus on your core business, while generating cost savings by accessing our established housing network.


We work wherever you need us to. Our extensive network can meet any demand in any metropolitan area.

Manage Overhead

By using us for temporary housing, you don’t need to build up an internal program or dedicate staff to the function.

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Solutions for
Corporate Relocation Programs

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Solutions for
Corporate Relocation Programs

In our increasingly interconnected world, workforce mobility is more vital than ever. Our custom housing solutions helps organizations stay competitive by leveraging our network of thousands of units across the globe.

Promoting Productivity

Most research shows that happy people do better work. Our focus on providing comfortable, livable homes makes a large, positive impact on resident happiness. By working with us, you promote success in your workplace.

Flexible Solutions

Want to live in a nightlife district? How about a quiet suburb? No matter who you need housing for, we have options right for your team.

Services for Individual Relocations

Relocating on your own is difficult.

Services for Individual Relocations

Relocating on your own is difficult.

Prioritizing Comfort

We focus on providing solutions that meet each individual resident’s needs. Whether you want to be in a specific neighborhood or live a certain distance from your office, we've got you covered.

Providing Transparency

We are up front about our costs, how we work, and what we can provide. Our team gives you transparency so you know what you’re getting.

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Housing Solutions for Every Employee

Our options include thoughtfully furnished and well-located units right for every personality type on your team.

  • Working Parents
  • Young Professionals
  • Interns
  • Project Workers
  • Executives
  • Rotational Workers
  • Temporary Staff
  • and Many More!

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