Corporate Housing in Beverly Hills, California

Live the High Life with Corporate Housing in Beverly Hills, CA

Ever dreamed of rolling up to your beautifully appointed Beverly Hills home and knowing you actually live there? That dream is a reality with corporate housing. Beverly Hills, CA has some of the finest and most luxurious estates in the country. It can now serve as your base while you live, work, and shop the streets of Beverly Hills.

Corporate housing in Beverly Hills, CA is made possible with Express Corporate Housing, a premier leasing agent that gives you access to the best furnished apartments in Southern California. You can stay right in the city, or even Century City, The Flats, or Beverly Grove. In these established serviced apartments, you’ll find everything you need to feel right at home.


All Furnishings


Cable or Satellite Television


Washer and Dryer


All Utilities


All Housewares


High-Speed Internet

Living it up in Beverly Hills, CA is now a reality through Express Corporate Housing. Your new home away from home is simply a click or a call away.

You Can Do It All in Beverly Hills, CA

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