The ECH Portal makes managing corporate housing easy.

What is the ECH Portal?

The ECH Portal is a system designed to streamline temporary housing booking and management. It’s a simple end-to-end solution that eliminates paperwork and, importantly, reduces the stress and time it takes to organize temporary housing.

How Does the ECH Portal Work?

The ECH Portal has two core features: a system for requesting new corporate housing and a system to view and manage current corporate housing.


To request new housing, employees fill out information about their stay. This includes move-in dates, move-out dates, what city the apartment needs to be in, and any additional comments relevant to the housing request. Our team takes that information and creates three quotes based off of it. Those quotes are uploaded to the portal, where your employees can accept or reject the quotes at their convenience. If all three quotes are rejected, our employees draw up and submit three new quotes to replace those. This cycle continues until we find housing you like in a location you’re happy with.

For companies that require housing managers to approve housing requests, our system does allow manager accounts that approve requested housing or outright select housing for individual employees.


Managing current corporate housing includes submitting service requests, submitting notices to vacate, viewing lease documents, and viewing move-in and move-out instructions. Contact one of our employees to set-up a screen share where we can show you the system in detail. The Portal was designed to be intuitive, so we anticipate most people should be able to learn the Portal without any instruction.

What’s the Value to My Company?

Whether you have one employee in corporate housing or one hundred, the value is simple: we reduce the time it takes to request and manage your housing. In addition to that, all relevant lease documents are stored in the portal so you don’t need to worry about keeping track of physical documents.


The Portal achieves this by removing the endless phone calls and emails that go into a corporate housing stay. Our housing request system streamlines the process of finding which of our options best meets your needs. Our housing management system makes submitting a service request or a notice to vacate as easy as pressing a button. The Portal is accessible from desktop and mobile, allowing you to access and navigate this information how you’re most comfortable.