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What is Corporate Housing

The Value in Corporate Housing

Despite that we’re a fast-growing, $3 Billion industry (paywall), most people don’t know anything about corporate housing. Anybody working in this industry will tell you that’s frustrating. Not because educating clients is difficult – we excel at that. It’s frustrating because it’s an instant roadblock during small talk at bars or parties. The phrase “corporate […]

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Temporary Housing in a Nice city

What You Need to Know About Temporary Housing

Getting a long-term assignment is a mixed bag. Sometimes, our clients are overjoyed with the opportunity to live somewhere new. Other times, clients are frustrated. We’ve found that this mostly relates to where somebody is in life. There are few twenty-somethings who are not at the airport the day after they get a three-month work […]

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Travel nurse housing

4 Details You Should Consider About Your Travel Nurse Housing

For many of the travel nurses we’ve worked with, the housing package is the make-it-or-break-it part of a job offer. Because of this, we do everything we can to fit our travel nurse housing packages to the location and budget you want. We view our jobs as facilitating your success, and meeting your budget is […]

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healthy business traveler

How to Stay Healthy as a Business Traveler There’s no shortage of doom-and-gloom blogs explaining why frequent business travel is a health risk. Regular flights expose you to so much radiation there’s a push to have regular travelers classified as radiation workers. The combination of jet lag and stress from airports effect your mood and […]

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Top Notch Apartment Amenities that are becoming the New Normal

People put the same amount of effort into picking their corporate apartments as they do signing a long-term lease. Amenities elevate potential corporate apartments above the minimum requirements like location, affordability, and availability. After all, plenty of complexes boast drab swimming pools surrounded by a few folding lounge chairs and a rusty grill. Many Express […]

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